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Yeast Selenium
Product Overview
The Yeast Selenium is made of yeast strain with high biomass, fast growth rate and strong anti-selenium ability. It is refined by deep liquid fermentation, centrifugation, washing, enzymatic hydrolysis, enrichment, spray drying and other fermentation processes in selenium-enriched environment. The main components of this product are selenomethionine, selenocystine and selenocysteine. Among them, selenomethionine reaches more than 65%, and organic selenium accounts for more than 99% of total selenium.
Main effects:
1. Broken cell wall yeast selenium significantly improves the bioavailability of selenium;
2. High effective selenium content, significant effect;
3. High deposition level in the body;
4. Environmentally friendly, low toxicity, avoiding human and animal and environmental hazards.
Light yellow powder with the unique scent of the yeast selenium.
Items Recommended additions (g/ton)
Animal species Various animals
Completely replace other selenium supplements 100-150
Used in combination with other selenium supplements Total selenium addition does not exceed 0.5 mg/kg
This product can not be directly fed, it should be mixed and used according to the recommended amount. It is recommended to use it as soon as possible after packaging is opened.
Store in a dry, dark, well ventilated place for 24 months.
Organic selenium content (percent of total selenium) ≥98%, crude protein ≥45%, crude ash ≤8%, moisture ≥6%.
Sample Type
Our products/services are For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use!

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