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Lifeasible is a leading provider for food and feed testing services. Our goal is to help manufacturers and consumers worldwide with a complete range of food and feed analysis to ensure safety, quality, and political validity. We use the latest methods and technologies for the testing and profiling of food and feed products over the world. We also have the capability and flexibility to accommodate local, national and international regulations, and to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. As your reliable partner, we proudly offer food and feed testing services with high quality and fast turnaround times, at a competitive price.

Food and Feed

Food Testing

The food industry is consistently expanding, with tens of thousands of new products released daily. To ensure public health and safety, and to compliance with food safety and quality regulations, it is necessary to perform food testing with absolute reliability and high efficiency. Our dedicated teams of experts offer a comprehensive range of food testing services, including physical and chemical properties, microbiology, authenticity, allergens, nutrients, residues and contaminants, food additives, food packaging, as well as shelf life testing.

Food and Feed

Feed Testing

Feed testing is an integral part of good animal nutritional management, which plays essential roles in assessing and balancing of nutritional supplements. Lifeasible offers comprehensive animal feed testing services, covering evaluations of feed quality, nutritional value, contamination, additives, and more. Moreover, we provide you with tailored solutions for a variety of animal feeds, including hay, silage and grain, mixed feeds and total mixed rations, pastures, and forages.

Our skilled scientists and experts are devoted to the exploration and optimization of food and feed testing technologies. Welcome to contact us to find out how your business can benefit from our animal feed testing service.

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