CRISPR/Cas12a Multiplexable Gene Editing

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CRISPR/Cas12a is a promising genome editing system for targeting AT-rich genomic regions. Comprehensive genome engineering requires simultaneous targeting of multiple genes at defined locations. Here at Lifeasible, to expand the targeting scope of Cas12a, we screen many Cas12a orthologs that have not been demonstrated in plants, and identify ErCas12a, TsCas12a, BsCas12a, MbCas12a, etc. Among them, Mb2Cas12a stands out with high editing efficiency and tolerance to low temperature. To enable large-scale genome engineering, we developed a Cas12a system that exhibits nearly 100% biallelic editing efficiency with the ability to target as many as 16 sites in rice and many other plants.

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As a leading biotechnology company in the industry, Lifeasible has a wealth of technology and talent reserves. At the same time, we have accumulated rich experience in the field of plant gene editing. Our company has mature CRISPR gene editing system that can perform gene knockout, gene knock-in, CRISPR Interference, CRISPR activation, single-base editing, gene library supervision and other services, our services can ensure the success of customer projects.

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CRISPR/Cas12a Multiplexable Gene Editing

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Our Cas12a system can achieve large-scale biallelic editing through customized design and transformation, so as to achieve stable genetic modification of traits.

Simultaneous editing of six sites by Cas12a for multiplexed engineering of quantitative traits in rice.
Figure 1. Simultaneous editing of six sites by Cas12a for multiplexed engineering of quantitative traits in rice. (Zhang, et al. 2021)

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  1. Zhang YX, et al. (2021) Expanding the scope of plant genome engineering with Cas12a orthologs and highly multiplexable editing systems. Nature Communications 343(12):80-84.
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