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Plants provide rich recourses for natural biochemicals. Featured by a sessile life, plants rely on sophisticatedly regulated metabolism machineries for the regulation of growth, development and environmental interactions.

Plant hormones, pigments, vitamins, and other phytochemicals that produced via primary or secondary metabolism processes, all play significant roles in a variety of plant biological processes. Moreover, products derived from plant biochemicals have been widely applied in our daily lives. For example, plant vitamins and nutrients are important recourses for animal and human diets; plant pigments are extensively adopted by garment, cosmetics and food industries. Moreover, some phytochemicals have been shown to have essential medical effects, and are considered as promising natural drugs for the treatment of some diseases.

Therefore, the detection and analysis of plant biochemicals is critical for both academic researches and industrial applications.

Lifeasible, as a leading plant biotechnology company, offers a full array of services for the analysis of different groups of plant biochemicals. With years of experience in plant biochemistry and physiology, we provide optimal protocols for the extraction and isolation of plant biochemicals, as well as the most advanced technologies for high quality qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Our products/services are For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use!

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