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Lifeasible offers professional services for customers from both academia and industry in animal-related research fields. Our goal is to help veterinarians or other related researchers to develop the best solutions for animal health. Along with the rapid development of modern society and the increase of human population, the need for various animals including pets and farm animals has been urgently increased. Consequently, there are high demand for improvement of animal health and prevention of disease transmission of animal-to-human. Lifeasible provides a wide range of animal diseases related services, such as animal vaccines and veterinary medicines.


Animal vaccines have a long and successful history of preventing and controlling diseases. Vaccines can protect vaccinated animals from the infectious agent which they have been vaccinated. All authorized veterinary vaccines must undergo a strict regulatory approval process before they obtain product license for sale. Moreover, the vaccination protocols should be tailored for individual pets or groups of farm animals and the safety of animal vaccines should be evaluated stringently. Importantly, vaccines are often updated to protect animals against new strains. Lifeasible offers animal vaccines quality testing and vaccination consultation services with high-quality and competitive prices. We also provide various novel approaches to help customer develop new animal vaccines, such as molecularly defined subunit vaccines and genetically engineered organisms. We have successfully developed novel animal vaccines against viral, bacterial, protozoal, and multicellular pathogens.


Veterinary medicines can help with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, disorder, and injury in animals. Veterinary medicines are also under a comprehensive set of controls. Lifeasible provides professional one-stop services from veterinary medicine physiochemical characterizations, animal safety testing to medicine residues testing with high efficiency and stringent quality standards.

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