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Lifeasible is a leading provider for environmental testing services, striving to deliver custom solutions to all research fields. There is no need to emphasize on the importance of environment management, especially when organizations are facing growing pressure to ensure their activities adhere to the highest standards due to strict environmental regulations. Scientists are devoted to developing solutions to control environmental contamination, while most people begin to take responsibility and obligation to protect the environment as conscientiousness grows. At Lifeasible, our goal is to help customers to meet environmental compliance requirements or to support engineering investigative studies.

Our environmental chemists support a comprehensive range of environmental tests for soil, water, air, and waste samples. We operate state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, allowing us to streamline sample flow through our labs. Lifeasible is committed to providing the highest quality of environmental testing services with accurate, sensitive, and cost-effective results.

Soil Testing

Soil testing is essential for assessing the fertility of soil in agriculture because the nutrient and other compositions influence the growth of plants. Moreover, the residues and contaminants in soil not only have harmful effects on plant growth, but also can be taken up by humans or animals through food chains. Therefore, the accurate analysis of soil physiochemical properties, bioindicators, and contaminants is beneficial for the whole community and may provide valuable information for soil improvement.

Water Testing

Water testing mainly refers to the analysis of water quality, which is required to fulfill regulatory requirements and to maintain safety. We provide professional testing services on several parameters of water quality, including physical, chemical, and biological characteristics, as well as residues and contaminants. We also offer advanced technologies for polluted water restoration. At lifeasible, the customized optimal protocols are available for a wide range of water samples, such as groundwater, drinking water, surface water, wastewater, agricultural irrigation water, and so on.

Air Testing

Lifeasible is also specialized in air testing. Due to the adverse effect on the health of humans, plants, animals, and buildings, air pollution is a serious concern for the authorities and the public. The development of reliable and sensitive methods for air quality testing has been an urgent need. With years of experience in air quality testing, we provide analytical services for a broad range of air contaminants, including, but not limited to volatile compounds, semi-volatiles, metals, particulates, radioactivity, and noise. We also provide monitoring services for air compositions, temperature, relative moisture, solar and ultraviolet radiation, barometric pressure, etc.. We believe you will benefit from our high-quality services.

Waste Testing

Any waste must be classified as hazardous or not according to the regulation requirement. Lifeasible has developed the most up-to-date methods for waste analysis to determine whether a particular waste is hazardous or non-hazardous. We provide comprehensive waste characterization analysis services for ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, and toxicity. We also support a variety of tests to evaluate the potential of organic and inorganic constituents to leach into the environment. More importantly, we offer a wide variety of advanced technologies for waste management, such as biodegradation, detoxification, and neutralization.

We can meet the needs of our customers, at both national and international levels. You will benefit from our one stop services from testing, reporting to post-analysis with the highest standard. Our services are well known for the skills of our staff, timely delivery, and customization of services. For more information on our environmental testing or any other assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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