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Along with the rapid development of modern society and increase of human population, there is also a growing population of animals, including live-stock animals and pets. The increasing contact between human and animals, intensification of rearing of food-producing animals, and more frequent global transportation, have resulted in more incidences of diseases and cross-infections between species. Therefore, the research and development of veterinary medicines has been put under spotlight. Veterinary medicines include antibiotic drugs, anti-parasitic drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, aquatic drugs, disinfectants, etc.; among which antibiotic drugs are the main types of veterinary medicines.

As a leading animal health biotech company, Lifeasible specializes in quality and safety testing of veterinary medicines, as well as in research and development of novel veterinary medicines. With cutting-edge technologies, we provide you superior veterinary medicines services complying with various international standards (e.g., GLP, GCP, etc.). Our featured services of veterinary medicines include, but not limited to:

Veterinary Medicines

Physicochemical Characterizations

Lifeasible offers a full range of testing services for physicochemical characterization of veterinary medicines. We can help you evaluate environmental impacts, active ingredients, and many other aspects of your target medicine, to meet all regulatory requirements (e.g. OECD and OCSPP).

Target Animal Safety Studies

Veterinary Medicines

The purpose of the target animal safety studies is to identify the toxic effects of the drug and to establish a margin of safety for the labeled dosage regimen (dose, route, frequency, duration). We are experienced in using all types of formulations and routes of administration. Our experts can design pilot dose escalation studies, tolerance studies, and toxicity studies for specific animal species; and to evaluate the safety of veterinary medicines to meet specific requirements for regulatory approvals. We are able to offer a full array of support services (clinical pathology, histopathology statistical analysis) for these studies. Moreover, the full spectrum of in vitro and in vivo short-term and long-term medicines toxicology testing services are available to evaluate oral, dermal and inhalation toxicity.

Veterinary Medicines

Medicines Residue Testing

Veterinary medicines residue testing is required for food-producing animals for worldwide registration. We have rich experience in testing medicine residues with either radiolabeled or non-radiolabeled test items. Besides, we can also identify and develop novel marker residues.

Veterinary Medicines

Clinical Trial Management

Lifeasible has the capacity to design and conduct clinical trials of veterinary medicines for customers from both academia and industry, with high-quality data on the safety and effectiveness of novel veterinary medicines.

Our clinical trials of veterinary medicines are designed and conducted in compliance with various international standards, including the Centre for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), and European Medicines Agency (EMA).

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