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Feed testing refers to the analysis of nutrient and additives components, for the balance of rations, and to assess the need for nutrient supplements. Feed testing also involves the identification of residues and contaminants of feed to protect animal and human health. Being a team with excellent experience in feed science and animal nutriology, Lifeasible provides a wide scope of feed testing services to ensure feed safety and quality. We are devoted to helping our customers world-wide with feed testing with a prompt turn-around time at a competitive price.

Our feed analysis covers nutrients, vitamins, minerals, microbiology, mycotoxins, heavy metals contaminants, and more. We also perform physical and chemical evaluations to give you valuable information for the feed preservation and quality control. Besides, the level and illegality testing of feed additives, which are important to feed nutrients, shelf life, safety, and quality, are also available for consumers and regulators. Our services will provide you with reliable results based on the latest technology with national and international standards.

Feed Testing

General Testing

We provide general feed testing services including nutritional analysis, microbiology and residues testing, as well as physical and chemical properties testing. The right quantities of animal feed nutrients are vital for manufacturers to comply with the nutritional labeling requirements. The feed nutrient analysis usually includes dry matter (DM, %), crude protein (CP, %), acid detergent fibre (ADF, %), neutral detergent fibre (NDF, %), calcium (Ca, %), phosphorous (P, %), potassium (K, %), magnesium (Mg, %), and more. It’s also required that the feed does not exceed the maximum allowed amounts of mycotoxins, veterinary drugs, pesticides, and other chemical contaminants. Moreover, evaluations of the physical and chemical properties of feed can help consumer and manufacturers assess the quality, and to determine the shelf life of products.

Feed Additives Testing

Feed additives can prevent feed deterioration, supply nutrient ingredients or other effective ingredients, as well as promote efficient use of feed nutrient ingredients. With well-established testing platforms and advanced technologies, we are capable of performing the complete analysis of all the additives present in the feed, which help manufacturers to comply with the labeling and regulation requirements.

Our experts have developed the full-fledged feed testing platform. We will assure you the accurate and reliable results. For more information or a detailed discussion, please contact us.

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