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As a leading plant biotechnology company featured in plant tissue culture and plant breeding, Lifeasible offers service for the haploidization of plants. Haploid plants refer to the plants that have a single set of chromosomes. Haploids are largely essential for plant breeding, as they allow quick production of homozygous diploid or polyploid plants. Moreover, as they possess only one set of chromosomes, mutations and recessive characteristics can be phenotypically expressed. Therefore, haploid plants play very important roles in both plant breeding and functional studies of plant genes. 

Haploid plants can be produced by multiple approaches, such as delayed pollination, pollen irradiation, thermal shocks, colchicine treatment, plant tissue culture, distant hybridization, and so on. However, currently, two of the most commonly used methods are anther culture and interspecific hybridization followed by chromosome elimination.

Anther culture is an in vitro culture technique by which developing anthers are cultured into haploid plants. Specifically, anthers of a specific developmental stage are excised aseptically from unopened flower buds, and are cultured on the nutrient medium. Then the microspores within the cultured anther will develop into callus tissue or embryoids that give rise to haploid plantlets either through organogenesis or embryogenesis. The method of interspecific hybridization followed by chromosome elimination relies on the mechanism that when crossing two species with very different genome backgrounds, uniparental chromosome will be eliminated during early development stages of a hybrid embryo, which eventually lead to the formation of haploid embryo.

Figure  1. Anther  culture in barley (Haque and Islam, 2014).Figure 1. Anther culture in barley (Haque and Islam, 2014).

With an excellent group of professionals, large-capacity plant breeding base, and years of experience in plant biotechnology, Lifeasible has developed a comprehensive platform for haploid plant breeding. We provide one-stop services for haploidization of a wide range of plant species, including tobacco, datura, potato, rape seed, cereals, and grasses. Our customized anther culture protocols ensure optimal physiological status of the donor plants, efficient pre-treatment of the donor material, ideal developmental stage of the microspore, as well as excellent culture conditions. We also offer our customers cutting-edge chromosome elimination service and chromosome number validation via flow cytometry or fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) assays.


  1. Haque, M., and Shahinul, S. M. (2014). Application of cold pretreatment and optimisation of media for enhancement of anther culture response in two barley (hordeum vulgare L.) genotypes derived from bangladesh. Asia-Pacific Journal of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, 22(22), 127-136.
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