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Due to the quick development of high-throughput biotechnologies, as well as advanced sequencing and computational techniques, whole genome sequencing has been made available for more organisms than ever, which opens up the door to a new era of biology. However, knowing the structure and number of genes is only a start, our knowledge of their functions is still at infancy. Therefore, the major task for scientist nowadays is the functional characterization of genes.

In the field of plant biology, numerous studies have been performed, aiming for understanding the biological function of plant genes. Recognition of gene functions would help optimize the regulation of plant growth, prevention and treatment of diseases, as well as breeding and selection of desired plant traits.

Lifeasible, as a leading plant biotechnology company, offers a wide range of experimental assays and technologies for the identification and characterization of plant genes. With rich experience in plant genetics, plant molecular biology, biochemistry and plant cell biology, we are specialized to provide regular and customized one-stop service for comprehensive characterizations of your genes of interest. Devoted to meeting the diverse needs from all of our customers, we developed tailored protocols for both in vitro and in vitro assays within the plant system, including protein subcellular localization, protein-DNA interactions, protein-protein interactions, as well as identification of functional partners of given proteins. Moreover, our team of seasoned scientist and experts will work closely with you to ensure efficient processing of your projects and high quality of data.

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