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Though water provides no calories or organic nutrients, it is vital for all known forms of life. For humans and animals, water is important for their metabolism and proliferation. As for plants, water is fundamental to photosynthesis and respiration, then influencing plant growth. Though Water covers 71% of the Earth's surface, only small portions of water occur as groundwater (1.7%). More importantly, water pollution is getting worse and healthy water availability is becoming a major social and economic concern. In the developing world, 90% of all wastewater goes untreated into local rivers and streams. Roughly a third of the world's populations suffer from medium or high water stress. Currently, about a billion people around the world routinely drink unhealthy water. Poor water quality and bad sanitation are deadly; some five million deaths a year are caused by water-related diseases. Therefore, water quality testing becomes an important part of monitoring water state and protecting human health.

Water Testing

Water testing mainly refers to the analysis of several parameters of water quality, including physical, chemical, and biological characteristics, as well as residues and contaminants. We provide state-of-the-art technologies for water quality to help you fulfill regulatory requirements and maintain human safety. We also offer advanced solutions for polluted water restoration to help relieve water scarce in water-polluted places.

  • Nutrient Analysis

Nutrient analysis of irrigation water can help to determine water fertility levels and identify nutrient deficiencies for determining the nutrient needs of plants. Nutrient element evaluation of drinking water also provides information for human nutrient complement. Analysis of both major nutrients and micronutrients are available at lifeasible.

  • Physical and Chemical Characteristic Testing

The physical and chemical characteristics of water influence its application directly. We offer professional analytical services for a wide range of physical and chemical parameters of water, including pH, temperature, color, turbidity, hardness, salinity, saturation index, sodium absorption ratio, electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids contents, dissolved oxygen, etc.

  • Residue and Contaminant Testing

Recently, water is subject to various pollutions, including inorganic contaminants such as salts and metals; organic chemical contaminants from industrial processes and petroleum use; pesticides and herbicides; and radioactive contaminants. These contaminants affect water quality and organisms’ healthy. Scientists at lifeasible have a wealth experience in water residues and contaminants analysis to help you comply with government regulation and keep environment and human health.

  • Bioindicator Analysis

Water may also subject to microorganisms and algae contaminations. The bacteria pollution of water can cause diseases for humans and animals. The algae growth state may be used as an indicator of water eutrophication and gives a warning for water pollution control. We have skilled technicians to support high quality biodiversity analysis of water.

  • Packaging Evaluation and Optimization

The sales volume of water can be influenced by its packaging partly. We provide you optimized packaging design to help you appeal to more consumers. In addition, we offer packaging material testing for its safety and applicability following international standards.

  • Polluted Water Restoration

It is an urgent need to develop effective solutions for polluted water restoration. For various water contamination issues, we provide a wide range of method for water contamination management, including aeration of river water, sludge dredging, water transfer, chemical algae removal, flocculating settling, heavy metal chemical immobilization, biological floating island, specific photosynthetic bacteria usage, strengthening of nanoscale iron particles, etc..

With years of experience, Lifeasible supports a comprehensive range of analytical solutions for water nutrient level, physicochemical and biological characteristics, residues and contaminants. We also provide customized optimal protocols for polluted water restoration to help improve our environment. We strive to provide you valuable and accurate information for a wide range of water samples, such as groundwater, drinking water, surface water, wastewater, agricultural irrigation water, and so on. Welcome to contact us for further information.

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