Virus-like Particles Production in Plants

Virus-like Particles Production in Plants Inquiry

Viruses-like particles (VLPs), assembled from capsid structural subunits of several different viruses, have found a number of biomedical applications such as vaccines and novel delivery systems for nucleic acids and small molecules. The major application of VLPs is their use in vaccines, as it can induce protective antiviral immune responses without having the risk of infection represents a major advantage for the design safer vaccines.

Virus-like Particles Production in Plants

  • Advantages of Plant VLP Production

VLPs have been produced in different prokaryotic and eukaryotic heterologous expression systems, which have several limitations and cannot be used for the production of many functional VLPs. Plants offer an attractive alternative system for VLP vaccine production owning to their ability to produce large quantities of recombinant protein at low cost, their eukaryotic processing machinery for the post-translational modification and proper assembly of proteins, and the low-risk of introducing adventitious human pathogens.

  • Why Choose Lifeasible

Lifeasible is a world-class plant technology company, who has lots of experience on production of customized recombinant proteins using plant-based system. We use two main methods for production of VLPs in plants: stable transformation of nuclear or viral transient infection. The development of plant virus-based transient plant expression systems has overcome the challenges of VLP production speed and yield. And the issue of plant-specific glycans has been successfully resolved by the development of transgenic plant lines with "humanized" glycosylation pathways.

    • Proper eukaryotic protein modification and assembly;
    • Low cost;
    • High scalability;
    • Increased safety;
    • Unprecedented speed to control potential pandemics;
    • Specific glycoforms for better immunogenicity.
  • Work Flow

Virus-like Particles Production in Plants

Lifeasible provides all-round service package from initial construct design, expression, purification, and characterization. We will provide you cost-effective services and high quality proteins. For more information, please contact us.

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