Photovoltaic Testing

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With the increasing concern of environmental pollution, energy shortages and global warming, renewable energy is under widespread in residential and industrial applications today. Power generation from solar energy is fast growing all over the world. Photovoltaic devices are a class of equipment that converts energy from the sunlight to electric energy by the semiconductor photovoltaic effect. Solar cells generate flow of electrons from the sunlight that can be directly used for power instruments or charging battery. As governments continue to encourage switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy, the market for photovoltaic devices is booming. With this growth, there will be an increasing need for photovoltaic testing services to evaluate newly developed products as consumer’s demands and local policies dictate. The testing services also serve as a rating system by which direct comparison can be made between different products, and tested samples are categorized with regard to their reliability in normal use and stability under extreme conditions.

Photovoltaic Testing

To fulfill the increasing PV module testing and certification needs, we provide a global network of expertise and experience to guide you through every step of the testing and certification process. Our engineers will work closely with you to ensure all your requirements are met, thereby enabling a rapid turnaround and a quick release of your new products to outrun any potential competitors.

Safety, quality, durability and reliability are indispensable prerequisites for success in the photovoltaic market. At our solar energy laboratories, we test and certify PV modules according to national and international standards, including IEC 62018, IEC 61215, IEC 61730, MIL-STD-810 and custom-defined testing. Besides this we offer testing under normal conditions as well as specially designed stressing environment to help you obtain comprehensive knowledge of your products. Our wide range of quality control testing and analysis services include, but not limited to:

PV Module efficiency testing

Thin film PV characterization

Concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) modules characterization

Standard condition test and capacity measurements

Special condition test

Heating effects and actinic effects testing

Accelerated life testing (ALT) and thermal cycling

Electrical safety testing

PV inverters performance testing

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