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Food packaging has a great impact on the quality of food products and also influences consumer purchasing decisions. In essence, packaging should protect the food from contamination and damage, and also ensure proper labeling and promotions. Over the recent years, there is an increasing awareness of the safety of food packaging materials and styles. Lifeasible, as a leader in food industry, has broad expertise in food packaging testing. We provide analyses services on food packaging materials for customers worldwide.

Lifeasible has state-of-the-art food packaging testing laboratory certified by ISO, FDA, EU, and some other authoritative organizations. We can provide essential migration assessments of food packaging and other contact materials using a range of advanced chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques, including headspace gas chromatography with mass spectrometric detection (HS-GC-MS), liquid injection GC-MS, GC- time of flight (TOF)-MS, liquid chromatography with high resolution mass spectrometry detection (LC-TOF-MS), inductively charged plasma (ICP)-MS, and so on. We also provide potential physical risks evaluation through model simulation and foreseeable use assessments. The tailored modified atmosphere packaging solution and leak detection also are available, which can help you extend products shelf life and achieve traceability and quality assurance across the entire supply chain.

The food packaging experts of Lifeasible always follow up on updates of national and international food package regulations, and are dedicated to providing the best services for our clients. Work closely with us, you will benefit from reduced logistics costs, response times, and recalls while simultaneously increasing your overall brand value. Welcome to contact us for further information and inquiries.

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