Plant Suspension Cell Culture Process Development

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Plant suspension cell culture is a rare, but constantly growing technology that has already been used to produce valuable chemicals such as the anti-cancer agent paclitaxel (Taxol) and its derivatives. While a variety of bioactive compounds are found in plant species, they cannot be easily extracted and purified due to very low contents in native plants. Further attempts to transform the production machinery into model plant often fail to inhibitive cost. Plant suspension tissue culture then becomes an effective alternative for commercialization of these chemicals.

Our plant cell line development service is enabled by our advanced analytical capabilities for various plants and complex compounds. We first identify and select plant cell lines that efficiently produce the desired molecules, which is followed by optimization on production conditions. In the end, a highly productive cell line is developed for robust and scalable fermentation processes.

 plant suspension cell  culture process development

We offer a wide range of services to provide one-stop solutions to all customers:

  • Single plant cell clone selection based on high yields and quality attributes
  • Proprietary FLORAmation™ platform for plant cell line engineering, with initial evaluation of cell transformability
  • Custom growth media and production feeds tailored for specific plant cells
  • Cell line banking and storage
  • Plant cell culture scale-up service to enable desired daily production yields
  • Bioactive compounds purification and characterization
  • Advanced chemical analysis through entire process development for plant cell culture
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