Gene Overexpression in Plants

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Lifeasible provides comprehensive molecular biology services in plants, including gene overexpression, to accommodate your research needs. Gene overexpression as a means to elucidate plant gene function has been used as an alternative or complementary method to loss-of-function approaches as well as to confer new functions to plants.

Gene overexpression is defined as a process that a fragment of the desired gene is obtained by artificial gene synthesis or is directly grafted from the plant genome and subcloned to a plasmid carrying a strong promoter, a replicon, a resistance marker, and a screening gene to drive high mRNA and protein expression level of the target gene, and subsequent study of biological functions. It may be particularly suitable in occasions when genes are functionally redundant or when a knockout mutation is particularly deleterious.

Gene Overexpression in Plants

As the most cited biotechnology company, Lifeasible is proud to provide flexible and reliable one-stop gene overexpression services to accelerate your research, including:

  • Vector construction with different promoters: A number of promoters for constitutive (e.g. p35s, pUbi, pActin1, pNos,), tissue-specific (e.g. pRBCS (leaf), pAP3 (flowers), pGSSP (green tissue), pPG1090 (fruits), pPYK10 (root)), and inducible expression (pCAB (light), pRD29A (stress), pER (estradiol)) are available to suit your diverse purposes.
  • Vector construction with diverse fusion protein: By constructs with fused protein GFP, His, GST, MYC, GR, function investigation of target genes including subcellular localization, protein interaction, or directly regulated gene detection can be performed.
  • Vector assembly: Thanks to our excellent group of professionals, we also develop technologies for vector assembly with multiple open read fragments (ORFs) for overexpression of multiple genes.
  • Plant transformation: From monocot species to dicot model plants such as rice, wheat, barley, soybean, Arabidopsis, most of the transformation systems are within our scope.
  • Trait measurement and gene function analysis of transgenic plants.

Gene overexpression service workflow:

Gene Overexpression in Plants

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