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As a company dedicated to the bioenergy sector, Lifeasible provides technical consulting, project design, and process optimization services for biomethanol production technologies. At present, the depletion of fossil fuel and environmental pollution caused by fossil fuel combustion have become a major problem worldwide. As a renewable energy source, biomass has the potential to replace fossil fuels. Biomethanol is one of biofuel refers to methanol produced by using biomass as raw materials, and has been used as a substitute for various fossil fuel of engines and machines.

Biomethanol has characteristics such as low flammability, high performance, low emissions and high octane. Biomethanol can be used alone or mixed with gasoline as automotive fuel. M85, which is a mixture of 85% methanol and 15% gasoline, can be used directly without major technical modifications to existing vehicles. In addition, methanol can also be used to produce biodiesel and chemicals such as methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE), as well as to be used as a home cooking fuel. Biomethanol can be produced by a wide range of raw materials, including bagasse, aspen wood, straw, pine bark and wood chips. Before the production of biomethanol, biomass raw material needs to be crushed and dried, then gasification is carried out to produce crude syngas in the gasifier. This process requires the raw material to react with air, oxygen and/or steam under high temperature conditions. The crude syngas contains fractions, tar and other contaminants that need to be purified. Besides, the proportion of different gas in the syngas is needed to be adjusted before the next step. Lastly, CO and H2 in the syngas form crude biomethanol under the action of a catalyst, and the product is then purified to obtain biomethanol.

The conversion rate and output of biomethanol production are related to a number of factors, including the type of raw materials, gasification temperature, and stoichiometry ratio of syngas. For example, the choice of gasifier type and the setting of gasification reaction conditions is vital for the quality of syngas and then affect the quality of biomethanol. On the other hand, the process optimization for the utilization of heat generated during methanol synthesis can reduce the production cost. Lifeasible help you optimize the specific process in the raw material pretreatment, gasification, liquefaction, or refining process according to the actual situation.

Lifeasible has extensive experience in technologies for methanol production. We can provide high-quality technical consulting, project design, and process optimization services according to specific requirements of customers. Lifeasible is committed to helping customers achieve high yields and high conversion rates of biomethanol production, and make the production process more economical through our efforts. Please feel free to contact us.