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After years of development, biomass pyrolysis technology has matured and is widely used as an effective method for biomass conversion. Lifeasible offers you high quality pyrolysis technical support services for solid biofuel production. Pyrolysis is the most basic thermochemical treatment method for converting biomass into energy. It heats biomass under anaerobic or anoxic conditions with high temperature and breaks down macromolecular materials into smaller molecular fuel materials. Pyrolysis can obtain a series of products such as solid carbon, combustible gas, and bio-oil ultimately. The pyrolysis process of biomass is very complex, accompanied by a series of physical and chemical changes, including molecular bond cleavage, molecular isomerization, and small molecule polymerization. Products of pyrolysis cover almost all oxygenated organics such as alcohols, ethers, esters, ketones, phenols and organic acids.

Lifeasible is committed to providing pyrolysis technical support service which can help customer produce high-energy solid biofuel. The energy conversion rate and energy density of product of biomass pyrolysis process is quietly high. During pyrolysis process, heat is first transferred to the surface of the particle and then passed from it to the interior of the particle. The heated particles of the biomass particles are rapidly cracked into charcoal and volatiles. Solid biofuels can be produced by utilizing pyrolysis technology from multiple materials, such as agricultural waste, forestry by-products, and burned trees. Except for as solid fuels, charcoal produced by wood pyrolysis also can be used as soil improvers. For example, biochar always been served as a kind of soil improvers that can increase soil fertility of acidic soil, increase agricultural productivity, as well as provide protection against some foliar and soil-borne diseases.

The main factors affecting pyrolysis include temperature, material properties, catalyst, residence time, pressure, and heating rate. Lifeasible has rich experience in controlling the effects of these factors, enabling customers to obtain high quality and high yield products through our technical support services.

Lifeasible is the ideal choice if you are looking for high quality technical consulting, project design and process optimization services for pyrolysis technology in solid biofuel production. Welcome to contact us for more information.