Physical Hazard Assessment of Food Packaging Material

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The quality and safety of food contact materials, especially for food packaging materials, is a primary concern for all consumers, businesses, and governments across the global supply chain. Except for the possible chemical contamination originated from the migration of food packaging materials, the potential physical hazard also should be evaluated before releasing food products into the market. Lifeasible is a recognized leader in food packaging risk testing. We can help you develop optimal food packaging solutions to effectively minimize production setbacks, costly rework, and various post-distribution problems such as failures and recalls.

The potential physical hazards of food packaging may include airway obstruction, burn injury, and so on. Experts at Lifeasible can develop physical and virtual models to simulate accurately of what happens when customers come in contact with a hazardous product. Models developed by Lifeasible include pediatric biomechanics, bite and tear, foreseeable use, and so on. These models are able to provide physically precise representations of children and adults, developed from human anatomy studies, injury data analysis, and human development research.

With professional experts with wealth experience in risk assessments of food packaging, we can provide you high-quality physical hazard inspection services across a number of international standards and safety regulations. Moreover, our experts have decades of experience in a comprehensive list of food packaging materials, including plastics, paper, and cardboard, metals and cellophane. We will be happy to discuss details of intended interaction studies with you and develop experimental strategies/methods tailored to your requirement. Welcome to contact us for technical consults and price quotes.