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In recent years, the scientific community has increasingly demanded to assess the size of the genomes of various eukaryotes. Propidium iodide (PI) staining with flow cytometry is a powerful method for genome size determination because it is relatively fast, works with a wide variety of materials, and provides information on a very large number of nuclei. In this method, nuclei are stained with PI, which intercalates into the major groove of DNA. Unknown samples are typically costained with standard nuclei of a known genome size, and the relative fluorescence is used to calculate the genome size of the unknown.

Lifeasible has cultivated plant analysis technology for many years and has accumulated rich experience in related fields. We have a mature and complete plant detection technology- flow cytometry and advanced instruments like Partec CyFlow Cube6 flow cytometer, which can help customer quickly and efficiently detect the genome size. We hope that our technology can help our customers advance their project progress faster and share the joy of success together. The specific experimental procedures are as follows:

  • Experiment procedure
  • Result delivery

The genome size of sample will be showed in the table and flow cytometric histograms down below.

Table l Genome Size estimations in the XXX.  
Sample Number Geometric Mean Genome Size (Gb) Sample Number Geometric
Genome Size
sample XX XX sample XX XX
sample XX XX sample XX XX

Figure 1 Flow cytometry graphs of samples

  • Plant tissue sampling and shipping SOP
    • Collect fresh tissues (>50 mg) from live plants.
    • Dampen tissues and place them between moisturized paper towels. Pack them in ziplock bags with proper labels.
    • Place ziplock bags in an insulated shipping container with ice packs. Make sure to place stuffing materials (paper towels, cottons, plastic pellets, et al) between samples and ice bags to prevent direct contact.
    • Ship overnight to the following address and inform Lifeasible of the tracking number:

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