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Flow cytometry has become a useful, rapid and novel method in recent years. It can be effective, reproducible to determine the relative nuclear DNA content and ploidy level of a large number of samples (plants and animals) at low cost. Based on the detection of nuclear DNA content, the ploidy level of a specific plant species can be calculated with high reliability. 

The ploidy levels were analyzed using sample of known ploidy (the same or closely related species) as the external standard and DAPI as the fluorochrome. The ploidy level of sample was calculated according to the equation: Sample ploidy level = (Sample G peak mean / Standard G peak mean) x standard ploidy level.

Lifeasible has devoted itself to the development of plant analysis technology and has accumulated rich industry experience. Our company’s technology for ploidy analysis using Partec CyFlow Ploidy Analyser has been quite mature. We can help customers analyze the ploidy status of samples with high throughput and quickly. The specific experimental procedures are as follows:

  • Experimental procedures
  • Result delivery

The ploidy levels of control group and samples will be showed in the table and flow cytometric histograms down below.

Sample Number Ploidy Level
Control 1N
Sample **N

Figure 1 Flow cytometry graphs of control group and samples

  • Plant tissue sampling and shipping SOP
    • Collect fresh tissues (>50 mg) from live plants.
    • Dampen tissues and place them between moisturized paper towels. Pack them in ziplock bags with proper labels.
    • Place ziplock bags in an insulated shipping container with ice packs. Make sure to place stuffing materials (paper towels, cottons, plastic pellets, et al) between samples and ice bags to prevent direct contact.
    • Ship overnight to the following address and inform Lifeasible of the tracking number:

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