EHA105 Chemically Competent Cell

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Product Name
EHA105 Chemically Competent Cell
Product Overview
The genotype of EHA105 Chemically Competent Cell is C58 (rif R) Ti pEHA105 (pTiBo542DT-DNA) Succinamopine. EHA105 strain was transformed from EHA101 strain. Background of EHA105 strain is C58. It contains rifampicin resistant gene (rif) in nuclear genes as screening label. EHA105 carries amber basic Ti plasmid pEHA105 (pTiBo542DT-DNA) to facilitate transformation. Ti plasmid pEHA105 (pTiBo542DT-DNA) contains vir gene, which is essential for insertion of T-DNA into plant genome. Ti plasmid pEHA105 (pTiBo542DT-DNA) is disabled to transfer its own T-DNA but enabled to transfer foreign binary vector T-DNA.
EHA105 Chemically Competent Cell is suitable for transgenic operations of rice, tobacco and other plants.
1. Volume of DNA from ligation mix should not exceed 1/10 of the cell mixture; DNA for transformation should be purified and free of organic substances such as ethanol.
2. Do not pipette or vortex cells.
3. Plating volume can be adjusted accordingly.
4. Please avoid excessive use of rifampicin. Maximum concentration of rifampicin in selection is 25 μg/mL.
Store at - 80 °C for 12 months.
Kit Components
EHA105: 100 μL/tube * 10 tube/50 tube/100 tube.
Transformation efficiency
Transformation efficiency of EHA105 Chemically Competent Cell using pCAMBIA2301 plasmid with 50 μg/mL kan is >10^4 cfu/μg DNA. Transformation efficiency is reduced to half when the plate contains 50 μg/mL kan and 20 μg/mL rif.
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