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Lifeasible, as a leading food testing company worldwide, provides professional service for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) analysis. MAP is a packaging system that involves the change of the gaseous atmosphere ratio surrounding a food product. MAP can significantly restrain microorganism growth, inhibit plant ethylene synthesis, as well as reduce the respiration rate of many fresh products. Therefore, MAP can extend the shelf life of food products, thus prolonging the distribution chain and enhancing product safety and quality. MAP is inexpensive, easy to apply, and suitable for a wide range of packaging machinery and production venues. It is becoming more and more popular for preserving freshness and extending the shelf life of food products.

Figure 1. The MAP can significantly reduce the risk of decay in cantaloupe melons (Ward, 2016).

The normal gaseous composition of air is 78.08% of nitrogen (N2) (v/v), 20.96% of oxygen (O2) and 0.03% of carbon dioxide (CO2), together with variable concentrations of water vapor and traces of inert or noble gases. The effect of MAP for the prolonged shelf life of food products relies on the reduction in O2 and an increase in CO2 concentrations. The optimal gas compositions vary for different food products. For example, the optimal gas compositions for retail fresh fruits are 5% of O2, 5% of CO2, and 90% of N2, while the commonly used ratios for retail meats are 30% of CO2 and 70% of N2.

Ensure of the optimal gas composition and gas:product volume ratio within modified atmosphere packaging is critical for extending product shelf-life and maximizing the benefit from the packaging technology. Lifeasible has a team with excellent experts providing a wide range of MAP analysis, including:

  • MAP solution development

Lifeasible’s packaging team can help you design packaging within selected modified atmosphere gas mixes for trials and assessment in a range of rigid and flexible packaging formats. We can help you improve your food products MAP solution to maximize your products shelf life.

  • Determination of gas volume

Determination of gas volume inside sealed packs is important in establishing the correct gas:product volume ratio. We offer gas headspace analysis by gas chromatography to measure the gas composition of sealed products accurately.

  • Leak detection of MAP

It is important for performing food packaging leak testing to prevent food contamination and maintain the reputation of the manufacturer. At lifeasible, the reliable and easy-to-use package leak detectors are available to help you test your MAP integrity.

We have cutting-edge equipment and experts in modified atmosphere packaging to ensure optimum performance while controlling time and cost. We are glad to discuss details of intended interaction studies with you and develop experimental strategies/methods tailored to your requirement. For further information, please feel free to contact us.


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