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Health and safety issues are the most highly valued aspects of the food industry. It is essential that every product needs proper packaging to prevent food contamination, which may cause health issues, lead to massive recalls, and affect the reputation of the manufacturer. Thus, detection of food packing leakage is a very important step for manufacturers in the food industry.

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Figure 1. Leakage testing of various food packaging

Lifeasible is one of the few companies who provide professional solutions for food packaging leakage testing. With many years of experience, we have developed a comprehensive list of methods to address a growing need by our customers to validate the integrity of food packages. These methods include, but not limited to:

  • Altitude simulation method: This method is an appropriateleakage testing technique for products that are air-transported. It is to ensure that commodities do not collapse while at high altitudes.
  • Bubble emission method: This technique is suitable for leakage detection in products which contain air. By placing packaging materials under water, one can tell whether the packaging material is leaking by checking the presence of bubbles from the water surface.
  • Pressure decay method: This is a highly effective method suitable for tracing holes in food packaging materials. The principle of this method is that the presence of leaking will reduce the internal pressure of the packaging. Before testing for the leakage, the packaging material needs to be charged using dry air or nitrogen at a serial of pressure levels, and the recorded pressure is then monitored over a certain period.
  • Vacuum decay test: This method involves complete evacuation of a certain part of the packaging material; and any pressure that builds up after the stabilization indicates leaking in packaging materials.
  • Dry chamber technique: For this method, an absorbent material is used to detect leaking in food packaging. It is suitable for leakage testing in liquid products such as beverages.
  • Ultrasonic measurement: This method relies on the principle that leakages will lead to changes in the read of ultra-sound measurement, which is related to the size and frequency of leakages.

With advanced equipment and world-class experts in leakage detection, we are able to help our customers around the world meet any rigorous quality standards. We are always happy to work together with customers to solve specific challenges and to chase highest-level customer satisfaction. You will benefit from our quick, efficient, and cost-effective food packaging services. Please get in contact with Lifeasible for more information.

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