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Phytoalexins are a type of low-molecular-weight antibacterial secondary metabolites produced or accumulated after plants are infected by pathogens or induced by various physiological, physical, and chemical factors. More than 200 kinds of phytoalexins have been discovered and identified. At present, the most studied ones include flavonoids, terpenoids, indoles, coumarins, astragalus, alkaloids, etc. In recent years, the research of phytoalexin has attracted much attention of scientific researchers. However, because phytoalexins involve many types of substances, and many substances do not have relevant standards, the determination of phytoalexin has become a problem for researchers. Thus, it is necessary to develop accurate and efficient method for phytoalexin quantification.

Phytoalexin Assay

Lifeasible has been deeply engaged in plant testing services for many years, and has accumulated rich technical and industry experience. We have been providing phytoalexin testing services for a long time, and related businesses have been well received by customers. We hope that our technology can help customers advance their projects, our current analysis methods are as follows.

  • Gas chromatography. Gas chromatography can be used for the determination of phytoalexin, but because some of phytoalexin are not volatile, they need to be derivatized before they can be used for gas chromatography detection, which is relatively cumbersome and time-consuming.
  • High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). High performance liquid chromatography is more suitable for the detection of phytoalexin. The sample does not need to be derivatized. The method has high resolution and good reproducibility. It is especially suitable for the detection of molecular weights of some heat-sensitive phytoalexin. Moreover, the combination of HPLC with mass spectrometry has higher sensitivity and can be used to analyze the structure of phytoalexin, making the qualitative more accurate.

The test items we can offer are as follows:

Table 1. List of detectable phytoalexin at Lifeasible

Compounds Substance classification
4-Aminobutanoic acid Amino acids
L-Glutamic acid Amino acids
DL-Glutamine Amino acids
L-Tryptophan Amino acids
Glycine Amino acids
Phenylalanine Amino acids
DL-Asparagine monohydrate Amino acids
Maackiain Flavonoids
Coumestrol Flavonoids
Daidzein Flavonoids
Daidzin Flavonoids
Naringenin chalcone Flavonoids
Medicarpin Flavonoids
Ononin Flavonoids
Genistin Flavonoids
Liquiritigenin Flavonoids
Trifolirhizin Flavonoids
Malonylgenistin Flavonoids
Luteolinidin chloride Flavonoids
Luteone Flavonoids
Wighteone Flavonoids
Lonicerin Flavonoids
Pratol Flavonoids
Liquiritin Flavonoids
Poncirin Flavonoids
Orientin Flavonoids
Luteolin-7-glucuronide Flavonoids
Luteolin Flavonoids
Diosmetin Flavonoids
Apigenin Flavonoids
Luteolin-7-diglucuronide Flavonoids
Sakuranetin Flavonoids
Cynaroside Flavonoids
Isosakuranetin Flavonoids
Genistein Flavonoids
Piceatannol Stilbene
Pterostilbene Stilbene
epsilon-Viniferin Stilbene
Dihydroresveratrol Stilbene
Polydatin Stilbene
Resveratrol Stilbene
Matrine Alkaloids
N-Coumaroyl serotonin Alkaloids
p-Coumaroyltyramine Alkaloids
Camalexin Alkaloids
Acarbose Carbohydrate
Scopoletin Coumarins
4-Hydroxycinnamic acid Coumarins
Tryptamine Indoles
3-Indoleacetonitrile Indoles
Serotonin Indoles
Indole Indoles
Moschamine Indoles
Oxindole Indoles
Neoglucobrassicin Indoles

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