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Lifeasible is an outstanding biotechnology company with years of experience in RNA-protein interaction analysis. RNA immunoprecipitation (RIP) is a protein-centric method to map in vivo RNA-protein interactions and RNA modifications. It purifies RNA-protein complexes using a protein-specific antibody in native conditions, allowing the study of the physical association between proteins and RNA molecules in cells. 

The RIP protocol requires incubation of a specific protein antibody and cellular extracts with affinity beads, which can be immobilized to a specific ligand and be used to purify the RNA-protein complexes. After washing and protein removal by proteinase K treatment, RNAs are eluted and reverse transcribed. The interacting RNAs can be detected by qRT-PCR or RNA sequencing (Figure 1).

Figure 1. The workflow of a RIP assay (Cipriano and  Ballarino, 2018)Figure 1. The workflow of a RIP assay (Cipriano and Ballarino, 2018)

Lifeasible provides highly efficient strategies for antibody design and preparation, immunoprecipitation, as well as high-quality RNA sequence data analysis. With rich experience in molecular biological experiments, our experts will offer you an optimal solution for your project. Our customized one-stop service for RIP assay is featured with short turnaround times, competitive prices, and high reliability. Welcome to contact us for further information.


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