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Bioethanol is one of the most widely used biofuels in the world and has great potential for development. As a leader in the bioenergy sector, Lifeasible has been working for years to optimize bioethanol production processes and continuously improve the level of related technical support services to meet the needs of different customers.

Ethanol can be produced by hydration of ethylene, and also obtained from fermentation or liquefaction production of biomass raw materials. However, fossil energy is limited and non-renewable, and biomass materials which have a shorter growth cycle than fossil materials are renewable and environment-friendly. Therefore, the use of biomass materials to produce ethanol is more in line with the current development and demand of the world.

Bioethanol is a renewable energy source that can be produced from biomass feedstock such as sugar cane, sorghum, potato, cassava, corn, straw, wheat, cotton, and other biomass. The carbon dioxide released during the combustion of bioethanol can be considered to be balanced with that absorbed during the growth process of these materials. Therefore, the use of bioethanol as fuel energy can also mitigate the greenhouse effect. Bioethanol can also be used in combination with gasoline as a fuel for automobiles, and the fuel economy of this mixture is the same as pure gasoline, but it is more environmentally friendly than gasoline. On the one hand, since the octane number of bioethanol was up to 115, the mixture of bioethanol with gasoline can replace lead-containing additives that pollute the environment to improve the explosion-proof performance of gasoline. On the other hand, due to the high oxygen content of bioethanol, using the mixture of bioethanol and gasoline as a fuel can reduce carbon precipitation in the engine and reduce pollutant emissions due to incomplete combustion.

Lifeasible is able to design a specific bioethanol production project based on  different raw materials, and offer special optimization services for each production process to satisfy the need for customers. Lifeasible has been committed to many bioenergy manufacturing processes, including all processes related to bioethanol production, such as pretreatment for various biomass feedstock, hydrolysis, liquefaction, saccharification, fermentation, gasification, bioethanol distillation, and separation technologies. Lifeasible has not only rich experience in fermentation technology of bioethanol production, but also has been committed to liquefaction technology for bioethanol production. We are always striving to provide customers with high quality technical support services for bioethanol production, and help customers achieve the goal of high-yield and high quality production.

Lifeasible provides bioethanol production technical consulting, project design, and process optimization services. If you have quentions about bioethanol production processes, Lifeasible will be your good choice, please feel free to contact us.