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For methane production, Lifeasible not only provides technical support services for anaerobic digestion technology, but also offers technical support services for biomass gasification technology. We are always committed to solving the professional problems existing in the methane production process for customers, enabling customers to produce higher quality methane.

Biomass gasification technology is a thermochemical technology that converts biomass materials into combustible gas under high temperature conditions. The gas mixture produced by this process is syngas, which mainly includes CO, H2 and CH4. During gasification process, the raw materials are reacted with oxygen and/or water vapor at a temperature higher than 700 °C to obtain a product. Since the feedstock of gasification is biomass material, the fuel produced by this reaction can be regarded as a kind of renewable energy. The advantage of gasification is that the calorific value of its products is generally higher than that of raw materials, so the use of its products may be more efficient than direct combustion of raw materials. In addition to being directly burned in gas engines, syngas can also be used to produce methane. Gasifier is the main equipment for biomass gasification technology, including counter-current fixed bed gasifier, co-current fixed bed gasifier, fluidized bed reactor, etc.. The choice of gasifiers is essential for the quality and yield of methane. At Lifeasible, we offer high quality technology consulting service for the selection of gasifiers.

Gasification technology for methane production is suitable for a variety of renewable biomass materials which include domestic waste, crop residues, wood residues and woody biomass, etc.. Biomass gasification technology includes direct gasification and indirect gasification. The technology for methane production is mainly indirect gasification, which mainly consists of two steps. The first step of which is biomass gasification. In this process, raw material pretreatment and thermal decomposition are utilized to obtain crude syngas, which includes tar, sulfide and other impurities. The crude syngas needs to be purified before proceeding to the next step. The second step is methane formation, which mainly includes the adjustment and conversion of syngas. In the methane formation process, it is necessary to adjust the proportion of H2 in the syngas, and then carry out the methanation reaction to convert the H2 and CO2 in the syngas into CH4, finally purifying the products to obtain methane. The quality and output of methane will be affected by various reaction parameters in the gasification process, such as reaction temperature, gasifier type, and the proportion of H2 in the syngas. Our experience in gasification technology can help you solve various problems in gasification process and design better production project to achieve high quality and yield of methane.

Lifeasible not only offers technical consulting services for gasification technology of methane production, but also provides project design service and program optimization service. We are always committed to helping customers increase output and decrease production cost. If you are seeking technical support service for gasification technology in methane production, Lifeasible may be a good choice, welcome to contact us for more information.