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Methane, which is a kind of biofuel, is a major component of natural gas. It is widely used as a fuel for power generation and one kind of chemical raw material. Methane can be obtained from a variety of biomass materials, including municipal sludge, domestic waste, crop residues, wood residues, and woody biomass. Lifeasible offers technical consulting, project design and program optimization services for both anaerobic digestion technology and gasification technology in the production of methane. We always are committed to offering services that help customers produce methane with higher quality and higher yield.

Since a large number of greenhouse gas emissions accompany by the use of fossil fuel, and over-exploitation of fossil fuel makes fossil fuel increasingly depleted, the production for methane has become more and more important. Methane, considered as a renewable energy source, can be used for home heating and home cooking, as well as used as transportation fuels and chemical raw materials. Due to its low solubility in water, methane is easily separated from the cooking medium, and usually used for electricity generation and heating. The technologies used to obtain methane mainly include anaerobic digestion and gasification.

Anaerobic Digestion

Biogas, gas mixture with CH4 and CO2 as the main component, is the primary product obtained from anaerobic digestion. It can be converted into a substitute for natural gas through process reconstruction, and the new product can reach the standard of natural gas pipe network. Therefore, the methane produced by anaerobic digestion can be used for all applications of natural gas and can be transported and stored through existing natural gas pipe network too. Anaerobic digestion is a decomposition process that transforms various organic matters into methane, carbon dioxide, microbial cells and inorganic nutrients using microorganisms in the absence of dissolved oxygen. It involves four processes- hydrolysis, acidogenesis, acetogenesis, and methanogenesis. Several parameters in the fermentation process need to be optimized to increase the output for methane. At Lifeasible, we offer such services for customers.


Methane can also be produced through gasification technology, which is a commonly used biomass thermochemical conversion technology. Gasification converts biomass materials into combustible gas under high temperature conditions. The chemical products produced by gasification can be used as fuels that are capable of generating high thermal energy. The technical support services provided by Lifeasible for methane gasification production can help customers optimize various parameters in the gasification process and solve the difficulties in this process.

Lifeasible not only has experience in microbial fermentation, but also has been working on gasification technology. At Lifeasible, we can help customers optimize the processes of both anaerobic digestion technology and gasification technology in methane production to improve the output and quality of methane. In addition, we offer technical consulting and project design services for technologies in methane production. If you are seeking technical support services related to methane production, Lifeasible may be a good choice. Please feel free to contact us for more information.